Gemini Planner Cover – Gemini the Twins

Disc Bound Planner Cover – Gemini Planner – Mini Planner Cover – Social Media Planner – Arc System Journal – Astrology Planner – Zodiac Art

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Gemini the Twins – Communication & Thought.

This laminated Gemini planner cover is perfect for you.

Use this Gemini planner cover on your journal, social media planner, or mini Happy Planner. Gemini rules the 3rd house and is ruled by Mercury. It is one of the three air signs along with Libra and Aquarius.

  • Classic approximate size is 7.75″ width by 9.75″ & Mini approximate size is 5.125″ x 7.5″
  • 7 mil lamination that has been punched to provide a hardy little cover.
  • These are slightly less rigid than the original Happy Planner covers, but are not flimsy.
  • The dates on the planner are Tropical, but if you prefer Sidereal or another system, please email me to set it up.
  • Because the reverse side is white you can write on it with a permanent marker and erase with rubbing alcohol!
  • Rounded corners prevent painful pokes!

All of the Zodiac signs are available as well, so have a look around the shop and find one for your best friend. If you have a larger arc system planner, the mini makes a wonderful dashboard.

Need a different size? Let’s talk! Send me a message!

The imagery is a print of Johna’s original artwork. Please do not reproduce in any way. All rights reserved.

The cover will ship via USPS First Class mail.

Thank you! Enjoy!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in