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Higher Intuitions Oracle Deck



Higher Intuitions Oracle Deck

This beautiful oracle deck was illustrated by Johna Gibson Bowman and is a wonderful addition to your tarot and oracle card collections.

Gentle enough for children to use and enjoy as well. A wonderful way to utilize this oracle deck is to shuffle and pick a card each morning to receive a delightful message from one of the 44 animals.

Higher Intuitions Oracle is a 44 card deck with a 128 page paperback book. The cards are approximately 3″x5″ each and the box is very sturdy and opens with a ribbon.

Published in April 2013 by Schiffer Publishing LTD.

Your angels and your guides frequently give signs and symbols in order to help you along your paths of enlightenment. Animals are around all of us each day – either as the living, breathing types or through pictures and songs. Spirit invites you to perceive that animals have an energy you can use to find your true passageway through these 44 stunning cards. Once there, the messages they send help you create your best life. Complications and annoyances can sometimes obscure the clarity of the big picture; however, through the cards you will learn to see and gain “higher intuition.”  The accompanying book includes detailed, positive messages and art. With simplistic beauty and a touch of whimsy, Higher Intuitions Oracle helps to clear the cobwebs of indecision.

If you choose, Johna will sign the book for you. Simply make that choice from the drop down menu. Note that if you choose to have your copy signed, the shrink wrap will be removed from your box.

Many of the card images are available as planner accessories, fine art prints, silk bags, porcelain pendants – Take a peek at the Dragonfly on a coil bound planner cover.

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